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Margaret Sanger

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3/1/34-Washington, D.C.-Mrs. Margaret Sanger and Mrs. Hepburn as they appeared before the Senate committee.


 Margaret Sanger, and Dr. Charles V. Drysdale pose for a photograph during the Sixth World Birth Control Conference being held at the McAlpin Hotel in New York. March 25, 1925.


Some of the delegates from all over the world who have gathered at the Hotel McAlpin in New York for the 1925 Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference.


After a court clash involving many Social activists that nearly ended in a riot on April 24th, on the decision of the fate of the 5 "birth" defendants who came before the court, lawyers were asked to submit the two doctors and three nurses who was accused with illegally giving contraceptive information. The result would not be known until later, as to whether they had to stand formal trial in a higher court.  Left to right are Mrs. Sanger, Dr. Hannah M. Stone, M. Sigrid Brestwell, Miss Antoinette Field, and Mrs. Marcell Sideri. Mrs. Sanger's husband J.Noah Slee sits to the right of the women.


Birth control advocate Margaret Sander in San Francisco where she was denied a passport to tour Japan by the Consul General


2/11/1931- Margaret Sanger prior to appearing before the Senate Judiciary committee in Washington, D.C., seeking support of the "Doctor's Bill", introduced by Senator Gillet of Massachusetts.


A small crowd gathers around Margaret Sanger and her sister, Ethel Byrne, as they leave the Court of Special Services.


Mrs. Margaret Sanger of New York, (R), is shown, photographed on her arrival to Japan. Japan being opposed to birth control, she was forbidden to make any public talks on the subject. In this photo with her are the Baroness and Baron Ishimoto, leaders for control of birth in Tokyo. Mrs. Sanger was their guest.


Feminist Mrs. Margaret Louisa Sanger is arraigned in the Federal Courthouse on January 18, 1916, for distributing her journal The Woman Rebel by mail. She was indicted for mailing materials advocating birth control, but these charges were dropped.


After raid on Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, five arrested women were Marcella Sideri, Margaret Sanger, Hanna Stone, Elizabeth Pissont, Sigrid Brestwell, and (rear) Antonette Field.


Margaret Sanger with Mrs. Anna Kennedy, Executive Secretary of Birth Control League and Dr. Dorothy Booker, director.


1959-Tucson, AZ- Mrs. Margaret Sanger (1879-1966)


4/19/1929- New York, NY- Left to right : Mrs. Sigrid Brestwell; Mrs. A.L.Field; Dr. Elizabeth Pissiot; Mrs. Margaret Sanger, leader of Birth Control Clinic; Dr. Hanna M. Stone and Mrs. Marcella Sideri as they appeared outside of court.


The Board of Directors of the sixth annual Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference which opens Wednesday at the Hotel McAlpin, are pictured above at their meeting today. Photo shows (left to right) Mrs. Edward Porritt; Mrs. Richard Billings; Mrs. George Day; Dr. Charles V. Drysdale of England, who will open the conference; Mrs. Julie B. Rublee, Vice President; Mrs. Margaret Sanger, President; Mrs. Louis F. Delafield, Vice President; Mrs. Robertson Jones; Mrs. Ann Kennedy; Mrs. Frances Ackermann; and Mrs. Dexter Blagden.


Dr. Hannah M. Stone, (L), arrested in the 46 15th Street Birth Control Headquarters raid along with Margaret Sanger are shown. Ms.Sanger was not arrested.


1959-Tucson, AZ- Mrs. Margaret Sanger died in a nursing home September 6th, 1966 the Planned Parenthood Federation of America announced. She was 83 years old. She is shown seated in a chair, holding her autobiography.

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