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Margaret Sanger

Margaret's Inspiration - By: Renae Flores
Biography - By: Roxanne Velicsanyi
Society's View - By: Renae Flores
Margaret's Inspiration - By: Renae Flores
Margaret's Experiences - By: Teri Worrell
Statistics - By: Joi Pinney
Photo Gallery - By: Jacquie Brennan

Margaret Sanger's inspiration for influencing the birth control movement came from both her personal experience and the strong personality instilled by both her parents. Margaret's devout Catholic mother gave birth to eleven living children, which ultimately molded her life into a chaotic routine of cooking, cleaning, and raising children. Margaret remembered her mother as a combination of failing health and unfulfilled life, and her own as a constant struggle through poverty. Margaret's memories of emotional and material deprivation may well have been the driving force behind her birth control movement.

Despite Margaret's burdened childhood, she attributed her inspiration to both her parents. Margaret admired her father's radical political beliefs, which he adopted from early feminist Robert Ingersoll, and Socialist Party organizer Eugene V. Debs. Margaret came to embrace those views herself, and also respect the quiet indulgence of her mother. Through the constant presence of her father's political convictions, and the constant reminder of her mother's forced weakness, Margaret was inspired to pursue the social mission of empowering women to lead independent, self-fulfilled lives.